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Gothic Assassins

Gothic Assassins is an award winner American science fiction-drama-action film, based on the novel “The Manifesto of the Dalhia Knights”,, written by Milos Twilight in his youth, while studying English Language and Victorian Literature in Oxford. The film is the sequel to "The Dalhia Knights" staring Steven Bauer, Priscilla Taylor and Amra Silajdzic, featuring Hugh Lehane and Olya Casey.

Produced by Milos Twilight, with Donna White and Priscilla Taylor as Executive Producers; and Crystal Wortman and Lorenzo Bavadi as Co-Executive Producers, all of them under the umbrella of Twilight Films and Umania Digital Studios.

Gothic Assassins has been considered a revolutionary film ahead of its time by different film critics, entertainment experts and Film Festival. Its unique affectedly artistic identity is the result of a combination from different artistic styles, providing the audience an intricate puzzle with unlimited layers of entertainment and complexity which in most cases will require the audience to watch the film more than 2 times to fully understand all the details, secrets, hidden messages and subplots within the main story.

in 2011, The film has been sent as a "work in progress" to Venice Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. In both cases the film has been accepted. Unfortunately, the film wasn't completed until late October. Since then it has been officially selected in many different festivals, either winning awards or just being in competition.

The movie has become a Cult Icon under the gothic communities in Northern Europe, due to the strong visual style of the characters and the apocalyptic message of the film.

The movie has been released in over 30 territories so far.

The Music of Gothic Assassins

From the first minute, Milos was trying to achieve several technical milestones with this film. One of them, perhaps the more difficult to accomplish, was the music. In 2007, when the first iPhone was released, a friend showed him a simple app to play drums on the screen of the phone. Right away his imagination started to see a world very similar to the one seen on the early years of computers and synthesizers. And as the app developers begun to make better and more complex apps, Milos had already the fixed idea of making the entire score of his film with nothing but iPhones and the recently released iPad.

In between rehearsals, or while his driver was taking him to the set, Milos was obsessed trying to make his idea work. He had the advantage of being a pioneer in music done with computer, back in the late 80’s. And so, little by little, Gothic Assassins became the “first movie in history”, whose movie score has been completely created and recorded with with iPhones and iPads. Unlike traditional film scoring, composed, performed, arranged and recorded with orchestras, computers, synthesizers, traditional instruments and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), the music of Gothic Assassins has been made entirely with iOS devices. Meaning that from the composition up to the final mix, all music has been written, composed, arranged, played, recorded and mixed with iPads and iPhones only (no other device or hardware was used). The Gothic Assassins score challenges the views of obtaining a professional sound with tools considered by many in the entertainment industry as “toys”. The achievement though, was made only through the collaboration of hundreds of app developers worldwide, who committed to the project from day one, listening to Milos’s suggestions and adding the requested modifications to the apps.

Here are drafts examples:

This website's content has been published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license