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[email protected] is a visual and narrative concept created by Film Director Milos Twilight in 2006 while shooting the movie The Killers in Prague.

The premise is simple. To take the Manga Culture from a comic-book and take it to the Silver-Screen, with real actors, preserving the specific defined guidelines established by the genre, in all aspects, particularly in the female characters, such body shapes, proportions, wardrobe, weapons, styles, and much more.

[email protected] also represents and preserves the symbology and narration of the style and culture, which it’s intrinsically important to attain similarities with the cartoons.

It basically consists of doing it with real actors or 'live action', in real locations, what has been done with drawings on paper.

Some of the rules, which are many, can be found in "The [email protected] Manifesto", an open source eBook available for anyone in the film industry through this email: [email protected]

Here are some examples:

-Complex narration of complex stories and characters.

-Somber background stories.

-Spiritual connection with supreme entities.

-Sensuality and sexuality of the characters.

-Usage of Manga Wardrobe exclusively.


-Camera Angles matching drawings.

-Special set of lenses.

-Height of the camera.

-Set designing with specific sizes (Height, width and length)

For a better understanding, beyond the posters shown here, please have a look at the trailer of the film "Fallen Angels".